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Business Estate Equalization

Often small family business owners are faced with decisions, as they work through their business succession plans, as to how to fairly divide their projected estate between their children. One child may be involved in the family business and poised to carry it on; another child may have another chosen profession with no interest or time to involve themselves in the business.

Insurance strategies are often used to provide the funding necessary to equalize the inheritances in these situations. Often, after capital gains taxes, probate and other terminal expenses, there is little left for the child that will not inherit the business. Company or personally owned insurance on the lives of the parents, the current business owners, will strategically address this need.

If this business situation is similar to yours, it is important that it be addressed now, when you are still in good health and insurable. We will work with you to cost effectively develop equalization strategies that will treat your children fairly and avoid family turmoil after your passing.

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