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Building Business Value

One of the greatest contributions Transitions Wealth Strategies brings to the small business owner is revealing the value they have created in their business. Small business owners know they have poured "blood, sweat and tears" into their businesses. They know their businesses grew because of their skill and passion for their product or service. They know that their businesses delivered income to support their personal lives.

However, what small business owners have a hard time coming to grips with is that every dollar they invested and every hour of personal time they worked was building goodwill and a store of value in their business. Many fail to realize that their business has value well beyond their expectations. It really doesn't matter whether it's a chip truck selling french fries or an engineering company selling designs or equipment!

Statistically, it is well reported that many businesses fail as they pass from generation to generation. Many chalk this reality up to poor succession planning. While this fact is certainly true, at Transitions Wealth Strategies we believe the larger percentage of "failures" is caused because many small business owners are satisfied to just let their businesses lapse once they reach retirement. Their income requirements cease; they haven't taken any steps to extract the value built up in their business. The store of wealth is lost due to lack of planning and awareness. Opportunity lost

At Transitions Wealth Strategies we work with the small business owner to develop strategies to capture this value. It doesn't happen by itself. We typically create a "Business Transition Plan" that is solely focused on building this value over time and implementing strategies to extricate it from the business to support the retirement of the owner and his family or to transfer wealth on to the next generation.

Don't let the value you've created drift away! Let us build it and then unlock it for you.

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