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Life's Transitions

At Transitions Wealth Strategies we recognize that Life is a series of transitions. Different financial and wealth strategies take on greater precedence at different times. The priorities of the young family, with a new home and first child on the way differ greatly from those of the family that is on the verge of retirement.

While Transitions Wealth Strategies develops wealth strategies focused on each transitionary stage in life, we do so in the context of an overriding whole life plan so that the families we work with will secure their desired lifestyles and legacies through all phases of Life.

This is our firm belief. Implementing a strategy must not only complement the immediate need but must also complement each of our client's long term goals. Our plans and strategies will not only address today's priorities but will also take you where you want to go and we'll walk with you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Prosperity involves much more than just making money. Prosperity is all about creating a life that provides peace of mind along with the lifestyle you desire. At Transitions Wealth Strategies, we understand this as every Plan we develop is unique, very personal and developed specifically to allow you to meet your desired goals in life while lessening the uncertainties (PDF1).

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Cash and Debt Management

Financial management of one's affairs is important at all times as you transition through life. Young couples with mortgages and children struggle to make ends meet; middle aged couples wonder if they are saving enough; those in retirement wonder if they are spending too much. More Info..

Tax Planning

Implementation of tax strategies is all about keeping that which you have worked so hard to earn. Why pay more taxes than you need to? With simple planning, taxes can be eliminated or deferred. More Info..

Individual Risk Management/Insurance Planning

Many people view insurance with scepticism. When insurance planning isn't integrated with your family's financial plans, this worry could be quite well founded. More Info..

Investment Planning

Investment planning is a necessary part of everyone’s life. Government programs, like CPP and OAS, and employer pension plans will provide limited support as you transition through retirement and beyond, but generally everyone must plan to supplement this support with investment savings personally accumulated through one's life.

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Retirement Planning

Retiring with confidence means knowing your wealth will last for your lifetime. It means you will be able to lead the lifestyle you choose. Isn't this where we all eventually want to be? We will work with you, as you transition through phases in life, to define and monitor lifelong plans to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle goals. More Info..

Estate Planning

A well planned estate plan can protect your loved ones, maintain a family business, save taxes, avoid conflict between beneficiaries, take care of charitable interests and accomplish many other objectives. After careful and thoughtful discussion, we will guide and educate you on those elements that make up a comprehensive estate plan tailored for your personal situation including Wills, Powers of Attorney, domestic contracts, life insurance planning (PDF1), tax planning (PDF2), tax effective gifting both during and after your lifetime, the effective use of trusts and estate freezes and other techniques. More Info..

Charitable Giving

Most everyone has causes they would like to support. Often times, individuals are incentivised to support because a family member or friend has been stricken by the cause that the charity supports (PDF1). Whatever your reasons, these organizations desperately need your help and at Transitions Wealth Strategies we are passionate about doing our part to show you the way. More Info..

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