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We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients. They each have had their own personal stories and needs. Almost invariably, they comment that they have never experienced such a personal approach to their situation.

The fact that we take the time necessary to develop a whole life approach to identify our client needs as opposed to others making product recommendations that aren't consistent with their situation, constantly sets us apart in our feedback from our clients.

Our clients have offered to provide testimonials, and we have received them graciously, but we have chosen not to add these glowing comments to our web site. Why? Quite frankly, because we do not feel it adds anything constructive. You never see a negative testimonial; is that really possible? As such, how believable is what you read as testimonials?

We prefer to provide you with a few "real life" stories, based on our clients' situations and leave you to determine whether our work, our approach and what we provided was of value to the subjects of our stories.

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